Not too long ago, Dana White said the plan for Anderson Silva is he’ll defend his title against Chael Sonnen this summer, and if he’s victorious, defend it again against Vitor Belfort in the fall. After that, he wanted Silva to make a permanent move to light heavyweight. That seemed all well and good, but by the way he was talking at the UFC Fan Expo over Memorial Day Weekend, it seems Silva may skip a title defense against Belfort altogether.

“He’s got to get through this fight with Chael, and then we’re going to start talking about him going to 205. He’s huge, and not only has he dominated the 185-pound division, but he’s done very well going up to 205. I can actually see him going up to 205 and mixing it up, up there… Anything can happen. And things change all the time in this sport, but that’s the direction I see him going.”

Did Dana forget about Vitor? He was kinda put on the spot by a fan after all. Or have plans changed?

Either way, Team Belfort is under the impression they’re fighting for the title in November, against Silva or someone else. We’ve yet to hear what Anderson Silva thinks about Dana’s plans.

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