Video of Dustin Praxedes scoring a three second KO over James Marohl this past weekend got posted on the UG this morning. Sounds impressive, right? Well, not quite when you actually watch it. It’s a little hard to tell because some dude literally walks right in front of the camera when it happens (nice timing), but when the fighters go to touch gloves Dustin apparently fakes the fist bump and throws a right hook instead flooring James. Well, at least that’s what James’ manager said.

My fighter James Marohl took a fight short notice against an 0-1 fighter named Dustin Praxedes. Dustin came out with his hand out to touch and hit my fighter with a right hook! He faked touching gloves to land a punch. What an honorless way to win. He cant even brag or show off his 3 sec KO win without looking like a total classless cheater. Watch for yourself. Put the word out on this kid. Luckily he’s 0-1 to my man Abel before this fight. Maybe this is the only way he can win?

That’s a dirty trick. It’s not the first time touching gloves has gotten someone knocked out. Chris Sheridan pulled a similar move on Memo Vasquez on a amateur Reno card last year.

Moral of the story: Keep your hands up at all times and assume your opponent is a scumbag.

HT: MiddleEasy