According to Josh Koscheck, a little birdie by the name of BJ Penn got in his ear about Georges St. Pierre, and now he wants Olympic-style blood testing for their upcoming title fight. Why? Because Penn and co. still believe GSP is on steroids.

“From what I’ve heard from other fighters in other camps, yeah, [St-Pierre] has done steroids and HGH, possibly,” Koscheck told ( “I don’t know. This is just on hearsay information that I’ve gotten.

“B.J. Penn and his camp gave me a little phone call. They were saying, ‘Yeah, he’s on steroids. He’s this; he’s that.’ I said, ‘Yeah, there’s a possibility.’ The guy is pretty ripped all year round.”

“I would love to do it; why not?” Koscheck asked. “I think Olympic-style testing would be great for our sport. At least you do it a couple times out from the fight.

“I plan on making Georges stand toe-to-toe with me,” Koscheck said. “This isn’t going to be a wrestling match. I’m going to force him to stand-up with me because I believe he doesn’t have knockout power. We’ve just got to pray to God that he doesn’t grease up, and he gets off that juice so that we can equal things about it.

And what does the accused have to say about this? Georges has no problem whatsoever with it. He’ll “give [his] body to science” for the betterment of the sport.

“I have no problem; any time he wants,” St-Pierre said. “I stand for that more than anybody else. I stand for this, and I just hope it’s going to happen soon. I know a lot of people cheat in this sport, and it’s unacceptable.

“I’m for random drug testing. There’s nobody in the UFC that agrees more with random testing then me. … Anything they want, I don’t care. I give my body to science.”

“I’m not a coward,” St-Pierre said. “Anyone that uses steroids is a cheater. I don’t need to cheat to win. I am like I am, and I’m somebody that is not a coward.”

GSP went on to say that he supports Olympic-style blood testing and hopes it becomes a standard practice in mixed martial arts. Which leads me to this: It just so happens that one of the items on NSAC’s agenda for their meeting tomorrow is the “Review of Protocol for Steroid/Drug Testing and Disciplinary Matters.” Everybody knows the urine-based testing the commissions currently conduct isn’t enough, even though they’ve long maintained that it is. After reading the transcript of this interview with Dr. Margaret Goodman, the former chair of the Medical Advisory Board of the NSAC, it seems the commission is finally coming around to the idea that they need to upgrade their testing protocols. Apparently, they’ve been reluctant to do so since even Olympic-level testing isn’t perfect, which to me just seems like a cop out. Not doing anything sends the wrong message to the fighters. If they’re making a conscious decision not to test for a particular PED, they’re basically telling the fighters, go ahead and take it, we don’t care enough to test you for it. I realize there are considerations such as cost, but it’s their job to ensure a level playing field, which inherently makes it their job to find a way to make it work.

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