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M-1 Global has gone public with rumored plans to take Fedor Emelianenko to pay-per-view with Strikeforce later this year.

“Following this fight now we have one more fight on the cards,” Kogan said. “That’s the future for now, there’s one more fight following the June 26 fight and that fight is more likely than not on pay-per-view.”

“That is a fight for Fedor that is co-promotion by M-1 Global and Strikeforce,” Kogan stated.

Kogan couldn’t confirm Fedor’s opponent for said pay-per-view would be Alistair Overeem, but they’re certainly willing to take that fight if that’s what they’re offered and everything lines up.

“It depends on what happens during this fight. It depends on health issues, and whatever else following this fight. It depends also by other factors, so I don’t want to tell you something and not have it happen,” said Kogan. “It’s possible, it’s not unlikely, but I wouldn’t say I’d guarantee that it happens in 2010.”

“If that is what is offered, Fedor nor his management, we will not turn down fights. If that’s what is offered, it’s what we’ll be taking.”

Kogan also said they would accept the fight for Overeem’s heavyweight title if it were offered. In order for that to become a reality though, Fedor needs to beat Fabricio Werdum later this month. Here’s M-1 Global’s second photo gallery of Fedor training for Werdum.

Urijah Faber is moving to the bantamweight division. He’ll take on Takeya Mizugaki on August 18 at WEC 50.

— If you remember, the UFC almost had to relocate UFC 115 from Vancouver to another city due to Vancouver’s ridiculously high insurance requirements, rumored to be around $12 million. They managed to save the show in a last-ditch effort, but the city isn’t going to relax their insurance demands until MMA is approved at the province or federal level, which all but guarantees the UFC won’t be back until that’s done.

“The city has been backed into a corner,” Jang told 24 hours Monday. “We have no choice but to demand high insurance, because we’re not protected by the province like Montreal is. We’ve done everything we can to support MMA in the city.”

So does that mean UFC 115 could be the last professional MMA event in the city’s immediate future?

“I think that’s fair to say,” Jang said bluntly. “If the UFC wants to come back, they should be working with the provincial and federal governments.”

— Pat Barry produces some of the most entertaining quotes in the business.

“Fear is what keeps me on my toes. I’ve seen what I’ve done to people, and I don’t want to experience that. I’ve also seen what Cro Cop did to people before my career even started, and I don’t want to know what any of that feels like. I’ve watched his highlight videos too many times, and I don’t want to be on the receiving end of that stuff.”

If Cro Cop punches me hard enough, trust me, you’re going to see some extremely awesome white belt jiu-jitsu and wrestling come out,” he said. “You’d be surprised how many people out there think that I’m just kickboxing in training. They think I’m not doing any wrestling or jiu-jitsu at all. They actually, firmly believe that. It’s ridiculous. I’m doing wrestling and jiu-jitsu now more than I’m doing striking.”

“If I cut down to 205, I’m going to be the shortest 205-pounder. I’m 5’11”, 255 pounds. I’m heavier than a lot of the heavyweights in the UFC. I’m heavier than Cro Cop, than Cheick Kongo, than Stefan Struve, than Junior Dos Santos, than Cain Velasquez. I’m bigger than all of them; I’m just shorter. If I cut down to 205, I’ll still be 5’11”. I’ll still be the little guy. I’m about the same height as Miguel Torres, so I’d have to go all the way down to 135 [pounds] to fit in.

And some of the most honest.

“I haven’t slept in weeks. I’ve been awake for three months now. I’ve bitten all my fingernails off. I’ve always wanted to meet him, and not only do I get to meet him, but I get to touch gloves with him and then get to punch him in the face. This is crazy. I get to meet him! I used to have a poster of this guy on the wall. I get to shake his hand and get his autograph.”

“The first time I see him, I’m going to scream. The second time? I’ll be gangster. I’m nervous with anticipation to meet him.”

Rumor has it the UFC is headed back to Germany in November for UFC 121. The German government still hates them by the way.

— UFC Undisputed 2010 isn’t selling like hotcakes.

Despite the stellar sales of its predecessor, THQ and Yuke’s’ UFC Undisputed 2010 is selling “slower than anticipated,” even as UFC pay-per-view television events are performing well, according to Lazard Capital Markets analyst Colin Sebastian.

In a research note released today, Sebastian said the game is “tracking below our expectations at retail,” and pointed out that online retailer Amazon discounted the game $20 to $39 after only a week on sale.

It seems gamers decided to buy Rockstar’s GTA-style western game, Red Dead Redemption, instead.

— King Mo says Frank Mir needs to “get off the crack pipe” and stay in the heavyweight division.

— Tim Sylvia ($50,000) made less than half of what Mariusz Pudzianowski ($110,000) made at Moosin: God of Martial Arts. $50k is a far cry from the $800k Tim made in Affliction for getting stomped by Fedor. Moosin sold 3,919 tickets for the event. No word on how many pay-per-views they sold.