Papers are finally getting signed for the long-rumored Randy Couture vs. James Toney fight at UFC 118. He isn’t sure about Toney, but Randy informed Sherdog that his bout agreement is signed, sealed and delivered. The fight will take place in the heavyweight division.

In keeping with tradition, Toney is keeping his training camp under wraps. “A Brazilian cat who competed at Mundials and Abu Dhabi” is giving him a crash course on jiu-jitsu, but that individual’s identity is classified. The only known individual that Team Toney invited to camp was King Mo, and the only reason any of us know about it is because Mo didn’t know he was supposed to keep it to himself.

“I guess [my phone number] is just out there for anyone to get, I don’t know,” Lawal told MMA Fighting. “But I got a call from a guy named Dave Henderson and he was like, ‘How about coming out and training with Lights Out.’ I was like, ‘You mean James Toney?’ So I came out last week and worked out with him. I was pretty surprised.”

“I didn’t know it was a secret,” Lawal said. “That’s kind of my fault because I didn’t think it was a big deal. But they were like, you know, as far as training goes, keep it under wraps. He said that’s how they do it in boxing so that’s how they’re doing it with this.”

“Thank goodness we didn’t do any stand-up. I’ve seen some of his sparring footage from when he sparred with Danny Green, and I’m not trying to be like Danny Green and get busted up like that. Hell to the no. I pass on that stuff right now.”

King Mo was apparently brought in as “a measuring stick to see where [Toney’s] at.” Unfortunately, that ‘s a secret King Mo wasn’t willing to divulge.

Image via Sherdog

Update: James Toney didn’t explicitly say he has signed on the dotted line, but by the way he’s talking, this fight is all but officially announced.

I respect Randy Couture because he is a legend in his sport. The difference is I am the ultimate fighter. I’m not worried about nothing he can do; he better worry about what I can do. Everybody asking, “James, what you gonna do when he gets you on the ground? You better work on your ground game.” Work on my ground game for what? I ain’t going to sleep. Ya’ll know the nickname “Lights Out”! That’s what I do, put people to sleep and dress them up. You know what I’m saying? Especially since I’m fighting with 4 ounce gloves on. It’s crazy; it’s ridiculous. It’s like going to the gym for murder… Come August 28th, lovely is going to turn into ugly very quickly. If he come in aggressive, he’s gonna make it easy for me. I know he’s been running his mouth and talking about this and that. He’s out of character because I’m in his head. He don’t know where I’m coming from. The whole world gonna know where I’m coming from in August. The ball is in my court.