Remember when Franklin McNeil reported right before UFC 113 that Shogun had a knee injury coming to the Machida rematch, but Rua denied it immediately after he won the title? Well, it turns out that report might have been accurate. Or as Dana White says, Shogun injured his knee during the fight. Either way, Shogun left the Bell Centre on May 8 with a bad knee and had another surgery.

UFC president Dana White on Thursday revealed that Evans’ next opponent, light heavyweight champion Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, had to undergo knee surgery following his win over Lyoto Machida at UFC 113.

“He had the surgery in L.A. He’s gonna do all his therapy in Vegas. So he’s gonna be in Vegas for the next five weeks,” White told

“He’s got a knee problem now, and he got it fixed,” White said, addressing the issue. He added, “He had a bad knee after the fight.”

It’s unclear if Shogun re-injured the same knee that took him out of action for over a year after the Forrest Griffin fight. It’s also unclear how serious the injury was, but by the way Dana was talking it doesn’t sound like he tore his ACL again. Plus, if that was the case, Shogun probably wouldn’t have been able to walk too well after the fight, and he didn’t even seem to have a limp.

Rashad Evans will still get the next title shot. He’ll just get a little extra vacation time while Shogun recovers. There’s no set time line for the champ’s return yet.

Image via Tatame

Update: Shogun’s trainer Andre ‘Dida’ Amade says Shogun will resume training in a couple months.

“During the fight, the second takedown that Shogun received from Lyoto, he felt a twinge in the knee,” said Amade. “It was precisely at that moment; you can see the video of the fight. Afterward, he decided to go to the U.S. to operate.”

“I spoke with (Shogun just) now and he said the surgery was a success,” said Amade. “He’s very happy and very excited because recovery will be faster than expected. I don’t know exactly what type of surgery it was, but his recovery will be faster than the other times. Shogun called me very happy with this news. In a couple of months he will be back in training.”

That’s good news, it doesn’t sound nearly as serious as his torn ACL’s.