Nice, the concept art even features real cockfighting as a sideshow

While mixed martial arts today largely consists of organizations trying to promote MMA as a legitimate sport, you can still find promoters attempting to cater to the blood-lusting crowd of yesterday.

Apparently, the same holds true in the video game world. THQ and EA Sports aren’t the only companies actively developing MMA video games. An independent developer called Kung Fu Factory is hoping to cash in with a game of their own. But unlike THQ and EA Sports whose games present MMA as sport, KFF is creating theirs with a Mortal Kombat-esque twist (a game they’ve worked on) complete with snapping limbs and broken necks that harkens back to MMA’s “human cockfighting” days.

Now, for the very first time in its history, Kung Fu Factory is creating a wholly original fighting game in the uber-popular Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) realm in the form of something called Supremacy MMA.

The little studio based out of Los Angeles has only a few designers and a couple of producers, but that isn’t stopping Kung Fu Factory (KFF) from taking on the likes of THQ and EA Sports. But Supremacy MMA has something that UFC and EA Sports MMA are sorely lacking: the freedom to deliver the most sadistic and gruesome action ever seen inside a cage. See, Supremacy isn’t held back by Strikeforce or UFC, which are organizations concerned about protecting the image of their precious big-name fighters. That means Supremacy has the freedom to do things like snap forearms in half, dislocate shoulders and break necks in the ring. Other games take submissions to the edge, but Supremacy MMA hopes to push them right off the cliff.

The early version of the game (it was around 25% complete) I saw had two fighters pummeling each other on the ground as they struggled to gain an advantageous position. One character got the other in an arm bar and proceeded to snap his arm in half. Needless to say, that was the end of the fight as one character stood victorious and the other rolled around in agony as his arm flopped around, totally split at the forearm with the bone popping through the skin. The visuals were early, but the potential was there for something pretty special. The crowd, as you’d expect, went completely berserk.

There’s no doubt the sport could do without this game, but I’m a little curious to see how it’s received by the casual gamer. Could the virtual world be the perfect platform for the “human cockfighting” form of MMA? Mortal Kombat, as controversial as it was for it’s time, was a huge success after all.

KFF is expected to unveil more of Supremacy MMA at E3 next week.

Image via IGN