Last night on HDNet’s Fighting Words with Mike Straka, Ken Shamrock did what very few professional athletes have ever done — he publicly confessed to using steroids.

It’s not exactly shocking that Ken Shamrock used PED’s, especially considering he tested positive for multiple steroids last year, but it is a little surprising he so willingly fessed up to it after denying it for so long.

Whatever reason Shamrock has for finally coming clean, it didn’t come without a little rationalization and finger pointing. Shamrock says fans want to have their cake and eat it too.

“They want home runs, baby,” Shamrock said. “They want people jacking them out of the park. But then when they find out about it they want to stick their heads in the sand and say, ‘How bad, that was stupid, you’re crazy, don’t let him in the hall of fame.’ It’s like let’s point the finger. … Nobody wants to take responsibility, but everyone wants to see it.”

Shamrock added that acquiring steroids was as easy as “going to the grocery store.” It must be if Dennis Hallman’s claim that an astounding 50% of mixed martial artists are juicing is accurate.

Image via Sherdog