“[EA Sports MMA will] do a lot more things than you currently can do in the UFC game that THQ has licensed. They have taken a license and made a game out of it. We’ve taken a sport. We’re going to globalize it. We’re going to digitize it. We’re going to deliver it all around the world. We have an ability to look at the sport in a broader way than, quite frankly, simply having a licensing agreement with obviously a powerful part of the sport, to their credit. But with that power comes some restrictions, approvals and inability to do things that having your own intellectual property, as we do in EA Sports MMA, allows us to do. We’ve learned that lesson over the years.”

—EA Sports President Peter Moore talking to SI.com’s Josh Gross about the freedom they’ve had to build EA Sports MMA without any license restrictions

With EA Sports MMA making a big splash at E3, the rivalry between the two games will certainly heat up from here on out, but according to Moore, it’s a friendly rivalry between EA and THQ. EA and the UFC, eh, not so much. Dana White was lighting EA Sports up on Twitter earlier this week with his usual spiel about EA hating MMA. Interestingly enough, Moore embraces that “passionate rivalry and competition,” hoping it draws more interest to the sport and the games.

As for who will eventually win the MMA video game war, UFC Undisputed’s brand manager, Arturo Castro, asks the money question: “What brand is bigger: the UFC in fighting or EA in sports?”

Looking at it from that perspective, maybe this a fairer fight than originally thought.