It looks like all that trouble War Machine has been getting himself into has finally caught up to him.

Weak! Looks like Ill be doing a year in San Diego County jail. Prolly gonna go in about 2 weeks..ugh. Gonna be SO boring! No delicious food, no training, no wifee [Ed. note: WM got married?!], no friends. Whatever tho when I get out my partners and I will be opening our sick gym in Austin Texas and Ill be righ back to fighting. Jail is DUMB. All it does is press the PAUSE button on your life. What’s it supposed to teach you? Anyway, who knows some bad ass books I should read!?

Is it me or WM vastly underestimating the significance of jail? He talks like he’s about to go back to the TUF house or something. I’ve never been to jail, so I can’t speak from experience, but I’m pretty sure “dumb” jail sucks for worse reasons than it being a “boring pause button on life.” And I’m also pretty sure it’s supposed to teach you to stay out of trouble so you don’t go back. But what do I know? I’m sure War will let us know all about it when he gets out.

Here’s the incident that finally did him in.

Image via TMZ