James Toney is probably the last fighter you would expect to see training at the same gym in California as Fedor Emelianenko. Yet here they are, both training at M-1 Global’s US training center in Chatsworth, California. Fedor gallery here and here. Toney gallery here (via Middle Easy).

There isn’t any photographic evidence of them training together or even being present at the same time, so don’t jump to that conclusion, but wouldn’t it be something if they were? That pair would be about as unlikely as Anderson Silva and Steven Seagal. Imagine Toney slamming Couture with a sambo throw a few weeks after Silva crumples Sonnen with a yokomen’uchi, aka diagonal knifehand strike to the neck. That would be something.

By the way, Fedor no showed for his scheduled appearance on MMA Fighting’s The MMA Hour today, so no grilling from Ariel Helwani about those UFC and retirement comments (which Fedor’s translator said he wasn’t trying to hide). M-1’s Evgeni Kogan did make it though, and said they plan to “write our own narrative a little bit more” in an effort to change public perception about M-1, which was ironic considering he had no idea where Fedor was. He also claimed Fedor is MMA’s highest paid fighter, but later conceded he wasn’t sure what the top stars in the UFC make. It’s never been fully disclosed, but it’s believed guys like Brock Lesnar and George St. Pierre make millions per fight with their pay-per-view bonuses. Fedor might be one of the top ten highest paid fighters in MMA, but its doubtful he’s at the top of the list.