You may have heard the rumors. Retired WWE superstar Dave Batista wants to compete in MMA, and thinks Strikeforce is the place for him to do it.

When TMZ caught up with Batista this weekend and asked him about it, he not only confirmed it, he upped the ante. He basically hinted that he already signed with Strikeforce and has a fight lined up (but not against Fedor, he wants “nothing to do with that dude”).

If you ask Strikeforce though, it’s entirely untrue. Batista has “definitely not” signed with them, but apparently that doesn’t mean it’s completely out of the realm of possibility.

Afromowitz declined to comment on anything beyond the denial of a signed deal. But additional sources told officials have had informal talks with Bautista and may eventually offer a contract.

They stressed, though, that no such deal is imminent.

The reality is, unlike Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley, Batista is a 41 years-old retired pro wrestler who doesn’t have a background in amateur wrestling or any martial art for that matter. He has been training, as evidenced by the video Affliction released below, but it’s unclear how much time he’s put in the gym. Dave Meltzer, who has been covering pro wrestling longer than MMA, doesn’t think it’s good idea for obvious reasons.

So, he’s an unemployed wrestler… he talked to Scott Coker, you can make of that what you will. He was talking to Scott Coker and Scott came up to me and just goes, ‘you know we haven’t signed a deal yet, so don’t start saying that we have.’ So, I can’t imagine him doing MMA. The idea of it is… is ridiculous. Nevertheless, he was talking to people like he was intrigued and interested in doing it. It was funny, he said that he’s been a fan of MMA for 25 years, which is… amazing. You know, think about it. Since it didn’t exist in this country 25 years ago… My advice to him is he’s… 41 years old or older and he was making $2 million a year or more in WWE, and I would not give up these later prime years if that’s what they are [offering] because he ain’t going to be an MMA fighter and… 15 years from now he may want those $4 million dollars from the next two years if he gives up these two years and then tries to go back in his mid-40s, but anyway that’s his thing. He’s also a lot smaller than he was as a pro-wrestler and he is training at the Affliction gym and you know he’s lost a lot of weight. Obviously he’s a still good-sized guy but nothing, nothing close to the size that he used to be.