With all the Fedor-UFC-retirement drama, it’s easy to forget Fedor Emelianenko is fighting Fabricio Werdum this weekend. While hardly anyone thinks Werdum stands much of a chance, Fedor insists he’s not looking past Werdum. He recognizes how dangerous Werdum can be on the ground, but isn’t afraid to grapple with the two-time ADCC world heavyweight champion if that’s where the fight goes.

“Werdum is one of the most fluent fighters on the ground in the world. Right now, I am putting my biggest effort into the conditioning; I run 15 km a day, since a fight with Fabrício may go to the later rounds… I always train the same, will see during the fight. I will be adjusting and making changes thought our bout. I am ready to fight standing or on the ground. My morning training is held on the wrestling mats, and evening training in the boxing ring… I am not looking past Werdum right now, I don’t like making any predictions.”

Fedor elaborated in this interview with Sherdog.

…If we’ve got to grapple for the entire fight, we can do that as well… I don’t really think about whether I’m better on the ground or better standing up. It all depends on how the fight turns out. I’ve seen that Fabricio has made a lot of improvements in his stand-up game in his last couple of fights, and I’ve seen he doesn’t have a very standard style, it’s very awkward. So, it all depends, and I don’t really think about it. I just train both stand-up and ground and however the fight plays out, I just gotta be ready for it.

Image via Esther Lin for Showtime