Many wondered how many consecutive losses it would take to convince the UFC to hand Keith Jardine his walking papers. Turns out it was four.

UFC President Dana White confirmed to MMA Fighting that the company has cut ties with the Ultimate Fighter season two alumni after his recent majority decision loss to Matt Hamill at last Saturday’s TUF 11 finale.

“It sucks,” White said. “I have nothing but respect for him and I hope to see him back soon.”

It does suck, but reality was Keith Jardine remained a dangerous light heavyweight with four consecutive losses on his record. Even in a gatekeeper role, wins over Jardine suddenly didn’t mean as much anymore, and losses to him would look even worse.

People will undoubtedly speculate that Jardine will land in Strikeforce or DREAM, but I’m not so sure. Neither have been as eager to pick up the UFC’s leftovers as most thought they would. I expect Jardine will end up headlining smaller shows for awhile, and if he picks up a few wins, he’ll back in  the UFC before we know it.

On a side note, David Loiseau was also cut. This marks the third time the UFC has released him.

Image via Sherdog