Shane Carwin on SportsCenter this morning:

“Over the course of my fighting career, the stand-up game has become my passion. I hope we get to stand on our feet and throw some leather… I’m not concerned at all (about conditioning). I’ve got a great training camp, we train at a high altitude, and my coaches have prepared me for a five-round war… You’re looking at the top two heavyweights in the world, and we’re both at the top of our game right now. He’s got the real belt and I’m coming after it Saturday. You’re going to see Brock Lesnar knocked out on the canvas.”

Shane Carwin talking to MMA Fighting about his pay if he becomes the UFC Heavyweight Champion:

“Beating Brock does not make you Brock. I will still need to insult most of the fighters in my division, flip off the fans, insult the biggest sponsors the UFC has and then and only then will I renegotiate with Zuffa. Dana and Lorenzo have taken good care of my family and I. They have given us more than they are obligated to and we are happy.

My manager always says it is not about making money when you fight but to make money when you are not fighting. We really do not have our hands out for anything more – if it comes we will take it and smile. I love fighting for the UFC and for me I choose to do this, I do not have to fight to survive. I am honored to be working for the UFC and representing them in the ‘fake’ champions category.”