Here’s what everyone has been waiting for, Dana White’s first comments on Fedor Emelianenko. His first comments came from an interview on ESPNRadio1100 (via The gist is he was right all along and he’s no longer interested in Fedor.

“Nope. Now I don’t have to hear about him anymore. I like it… He has star power? Nobody cares. Do you realize this is something that’s been created by the mixed martial arts media? Do you know how many people watched his fight the other night? 400,000 people watched it. The guy has absolutely no star power. They sold no tickets to that fight either… Here’s the problem, the guy loses and gets to fight one of these guys? I’ve been saying for years this guy isn’t all that. He’s not great. Everybody’s talking about how great this guy is. No, he’s not. Now he should deserve to come into the UFC and fight the best? No way!… I haven’t talked to any media about it. The media have turned this guy into … Oh, this guy is this and this guy is that. The guys who fight in the UFC are fighting the very best three times a year. This guy hasn’t fought anybody since 2005. The media created him and hyped him up. Not me. What do you want me to say? This is what I’ve been saying?”

Dana later elaborated on those comments in an interview with Bloody Elbow’s Luke Thomas on DC’s 106.7 The Fan.

I think [Fedor, M-1 and Strikeforce] are all a bunch of losers. Here’s the thing. And everybody knows how long I’ve been saying this and everybody probably thought I was just saying it because I couldn’t come to terms with him. I don’t believe a guy who hasn’t fought anybody since 2005 should be considered one of the best fighters in the world. Yes, he was one of the best in what he accomplished back in the old days, but he hasn’t been fighting anybody recently. And now he just lost to a guy who couldn’t make it in the UFC. And the other thing, they didn’t sell any tickets to that fight. They did under a million-dollar gate, I don’t care what they say publicly, they did under a million-dollar gate. And they did 400 thousand viewers on television. So what that tells me is, nobody cares. The reality is the media, and a few guys on the Internet have pumped this guy up. I can’t believe nobody sees through the B.S.

I believe that if we would have been able to take him into the UFC last year, or even right before this loss, and promoted him properly, we could have done big, big business. Now I have no interest in him. Zero. I didn’t think he was great before. It was the media. As soon as he lost, my phone started blowing up and it was media guys being like, ‘what do you think about him losing?’ What do you mean what do I think about him losing? Did you guys hear me saying he was great ever? It was the exact opposite. Like I said earlier, they had 400 thousand people who watched that fight. We did a taped event on Spike TV, versus his live event, and we had 1.5 million viewers. I mean, 400 thousand viewers. The Strikeforce event before this one did 165 thousand viewers. More people watch my video blogs than watched that fight.