Rundown of UFC 116 pre-fight news and notes before the “biggest fight in UFC history” between Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin…

UFC 116 is a sellout. The UFC is expecting a million plus pay-per-view buys.

UFC 116 purses: Brock Lesnar will be paid a flat fee of $400,000 + pay-per-view bonus. Meanwhile Shane Carwin will earn $40,000 to show and $40,000 to win, meaning he’ll make $80,000 if he wins. Chris Leben’s purse is slightly higher than Carwin’s at $43,000/$43,000. Yoshihiro Akiyama will earn $45,000 to show and an extra $25,000 if he wins. These numbers do not include any additional bonuses, disclosed or otherwise, or sponsorship money.

— Brock Lesnar was going to surprise Shane Carwin by fighting as a southpaw but he “messed up” and revealed his plan to the media at the open workouts.

— UFC & PRIDE veteran Ron Waterman knows both Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin. Waterman mimicked Lesnar in Carwin’s training camp.

— Shane Carwin destroys punch mitts, even top-of-the-line $475 punch mitts.

Recently, the trainer bought top-of-the-line, $475 punch mitts from the Japanese equipment company, Winning. The mitts are used by many top boxers, including Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. Wittman didn’t have them for a week before Carwin blew one out with a punch.

“I tried to return them and they wouldn’t take them back,” Wittman said. “They’re like, ‘All the best boxers use these. No one can punch these out.’ Kazumichi [Hayashi, Winning’s USA representative] thought I was crazy. He’s like, ‘These don’t break!’ But that’s Shane, his power is incredible.”

Brock Lesnar said something about “scrambling Mir’s eggs”, and next thing you know Frank Mir wants to fight Brock again.

Brocks comments in his @UFC interviews have inspired me to decide on holding off on going to 205, and working my way to fighting him again

Cain Velasquez gets the Lesnar-Carwin winner as soon as possible. Junior dos Santos vs. Roy Nelson winner could get title shot after that.

Everything you need to know about Lesnar-Carwin

No bout bigger than Lesnar-Carwin

— Fighters make their picks below:

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