James Toney just took psychological warfare to a level its never been before in mixed martial arts. He put MMA legend Randy Couture in a dress and brought him to UFC 116 for the world to see.

Image via Bleacher Report & MiddleEasy

Update: Apparently, Couture-Toney is going to be a catchweight now, but the exact weight is still being agreed upon. Toney says the UFC is trying to please Randy.

“They want to make it easy for Randy,” Toney told MMAjunkie.com at a media function promoting the UFC 118 bout. “They’re trying to please him. Whatever they want to do, we can do it.”

Whatever the weight it is, Toney says he’s going to be in the best shape of his career since he fought Evander Holyfield, and he owes it to the MMA training.

“I’m going to be in the best shape I’ve been in since I fought (Evander) Holyfield because of the MMA training,” Toney said. “I give MMA training the utmost respect. I train hard. It’s hard work. It was hard for me at first, but I love it.

“I really don’t want to be here right now. I’d rather be home training. Tomorrow’s the Fourth of July, and I’m leaving early in the morning. Tomorrow afternoon, I’ll be in the gym.”

Toney says this is boxing vs. MMA and he’s coming for the UFC title.

“I haven’t adjusted,” Toney said. “I’m going to do me. This is boxing versus MMA. You’re going to see how James Toney boxes. You’re going to see why James Toney hits hard. You’re going to see why James Toney hardly ever gets hit.

“As far as takedowns go, I welcome them. If he tries to take me down, it’s going to be a short night for him – a very short night. Matter of fact, I’ve got a pillow for him.”

“I’m 100 percent reinvigorated,” Toney said. “I strive to be the best. I told everyone that I will be the undisputed heavyweight (boxing) champion of the world before I retire. Now that I am one of the champions, it’s time to add another belt to the collection – the UFC belt. I like collecting belts.”

Below, James Toney talks to MMA Connected’s Joe Ferraro.

Update 2: Couture’s people say as far they know it’s a heavyweight fight, and James Toney needs to quit playing with dolls.

“The Toney camp couldn’t agree to a catchweight, and there’s been no discussion about it thereafter,” Spira said today. “I suggest James Toney stop playing with dolls and focus on the fight.”