Whatever happens tonight this feels right and I know it is in Gods hands now. My coaches and training partners have given me everything they could for this camp. The sacrifices have been made, the time put in and now it is time to put it all together… This week has been a whirlwind I have found myself on TV shows I normally watch, endorsing products I usually drink, and being treated like a super star. The entire casino and strip is loaded with ads for UFC 116 it is amazing. The hotel room is larger then my first couple of homes and they even have poker tables with Borck and me on them. There is no doubt in my mind I am living the American Dream… Tonight it is not about winning a belt or being ranked number one in the Heavy Weight Division. Tonight is about two super talented big guys who have put a life time of work into being the very best they can be. Tonight all the hard work and sacrifices comes down to 25 minutes of war… I am as ready as I have ever been. I feel ten years younger, I feel faster and stronger than I have ever been for a fight. I was maybe 80% healthy for 111 and usually I limp into the fights with some sort of injury. This is the best my shape my mind and body have been in on fight day… I am honored that Lesnar would give me the chance. It takes a real man to face the very best after a long lay off. Brock doesn’t seem to take any short cuts and I expect to see the very best Brock Lesnar ever tonight. He is a tough fight for anyone and holds the one thing that all of us fighters int he division are hunting for, the UFC strap.

—Shane Carwin, via his official website, addressing his fans for the last time before facing Brock Lesnar

8 hours and counting…

Image via Esther Lin for MMA Fighting