Above, MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani gets an entertaining interview with James Toney at UFC 116. Below, Toney argues that he doesn’t need to be well-versed in all aspects of mixed martial arts to beat Randy Couture and find further success in the sport.

“This is fighting. I can box. Ya’ll say Randy Couture does ‘dirty boxing,’ whatever the [expletive] that means, and he’s a wrestler. Hey, this is war for me – this guy, who ya’ll claim is the greatest MMA fighter to put gloves on… [Boxers] are the superior strikers. … I look at this as a way to let everybody know that boxing reigns supreme… Why should I be scared of an MMA fighter?. What’s different? MMA ain’t no different than boxing. Boxing is much tougher because you’re in there constantly punching and pounding. Right here, you’ve got Randy Couture who’s going to be scared and constantly try to hug me like a little girl, and I’m going to make him pay for that… Everybody knows that if you’re going to stand with me, one mistake and that’s your ass. Did ya’ll tell Randy Couture that I’m wearing small gloves now? Did you tell him that? What do you think is going through his head right now? ‘I need to stay the [expletive] away from his hands.’ That’s what he’s thinking. Every night, he’s going to bed thinking, ‘What if I get hit?’… They’re trying to set me up to fail. That’s why they’re throwing Randy Couture at me. I’ve been set up to fail my entire life, so it’s nothing new to me. I’m like, ‘Good. Keep talking.’ If Randy Couture takes me to the ground, I will knock him out. Ya’ll ain’t never seen nobody get knocked out from the floor, right? Ribs will be broken. I’m very comfortable from the floor.”