Following his victory over five-time World’s Strongest Man champion Mariusz Pudzianowski, Tim Sylvia hoped to step back on the big stage of mixed martial arts in either the UFC or Strikeforce. No word on whether he’s making progress on either of those fronts, but it looks like he has another opportunity in Moosin to fall back on in the meantime. Moosin is hoping to feature Sylvia in a co-headlining bout on their upcoming Oct. 9 card in Chicago against Korean giant Hong Man Choi.

Speaking with MMA Fighting from Korea, where he is scheduled to meet with Choi and his representatives tomorrow, [Moosin promoter Corey Fischer] said that he believes the Sylvia-Choi fight is a strong probability. The fight nearly happened at last year’s Dynamite 2009 show in Japan, but fell through.

“I think after we meet, we can get that done,” he said. “It will be a fun fight.”

Imagine that, Tim Sylvia fighting someone who towers over him. Moosin hoped to feature Pudzianowski in the other co-main event against Kimbo Slice, but it doesn’t look like they’re going to get their wish. Kimbo’s manager has already shot it down.

In other UFC cast-off news, Keith Jardine has booked his first post-UFC fight against Trevor Prangley at Shark Fights 13, scheduled for Sept. 11 in Lubbock, Texas.

Image via Sherdog