Both Georges St. Pierre and Frankie Edgar were up for ESPY awards last night — Best Fighter and Best Upset, respectively — but both came away empty-handed. ESPY voters felt Floyd Mayweather was the better fighter and Northern Iowa’s upset over No.1 Kansas in NCAA men’s basketball was more shocking than Edgar’s upset over BJ Penn.

That’s kind of a bummer, but hey, at least they got nominated, right? Oh, and at least they didn’t get snubbed in Steve Carell’s LeBron James parody like Tito Ortiz did.

Paul Rudd: Did you tell Vice President Joe Biden?
Steve Carell: I just got off the phone with him.
Rudd: What about Lil’ Wayne?
Carell: He’s the first person I told.
Rudd: What about Tito Ortiz?
Carell: (shakes head) I don’t know who that is.

Image via Video tip via Cage Today