After taking several months off for shoulder surgery, Vitor Belfort is back in the gym training with Shawn Tompkins for a potential UFC middleweight title fight against the Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen winner later this fall. Tompkins says they’re pulling for Silva to successfully defend his title once again. He’s the fight they want.

“Nothing against Chael, but I think he talks better than he fights,” Tompkins said. “I’ll be front row (at UFC 117) studying both of them because that’s my job. I think Chael will talk himself into the fight but, ultimately, Anderson will knock him out.”

“It’s not personal, but it’s a little more personal (with Silva),” Tompkins said. “I think Chael will try to pick a fight, but that’s the only way he becomes popular or famous because we all know he’s a boring fighter.

“Anderson is the man and we want to beat that man. I think that fight would mean a little more to us. And honestly, go ask the fans who they want to see fight. It’s Anderson and Vitor.”

The man has a point there at the end. Vitor vs. Sonnen or Vitor vs. Anderson? I think I’ll take the latter.