This won’t come as a surprise to anyone, but Dave Meltzer has confirmed that Brock Lesnar still sells pay-per-views by the truckload. Via BE:

The latest numbers for UFC 116 seem to be reporting higher. As we figured, there appear to have been a ton of replay order buys based on all the talk about the show, including all the mainstream news show coverage after the event. Various cable estimates have ranged from 1 million to 1.28 million, and as noted, internally it is being said it’s the third biggest in history, which would be a lot closer to the former number than the latter number.

It’s not quite the 1.6 million buys that UFC 100 did, but you could argue it’s even more impressive considering Brock didn’t have anywhere near the supporting cast or the historical significance that he had a year ago to back him up. This one was all about Brock and his miraculous return to the Octagon. Fighting someone his own size probably didn’t hurt either.

Image via Esther Lin for MMA Fighting