Sylvester Stallone had some funny things to say about Randy Couture during his appearance on The David Letterman Show last night. Apparently, Randy unintentionally beat up all the stuntmen on “The Expendables” set, and despite how tough all the action stars look on film, Couture is easily the toughest in real life.

“You know what? They don’t know their own strength. Randy kept air-mailing people. We shot in an old fort with solid brick walls, and I would notice these stunt men hitting the walls, and finally, they were begging me, ‘Don’t let him touch me anymore. I can’t take it. I’m so beat up I can’t breathe.’ Steve Austin is a tough guy but he was going, ‘Please, take me out.’… Someone asked me, ‘You put all these tough guys, Dolph Lundgren, Jet Li, in a room together, who comes out?’ If you walked in 10 minutes later you’d see Randy Couture sitting on top of us having a chocolate fudge sundae.”

Couture talked his role in the film in an interview with SBNation.

I play a character named ‘Toll Road.’ He’s a college educated warrior, basically, and he’s part of this group of mercenaries. He’s more of the cerebral type, but when push comes to shove he’s perfectly capable and comfortable with breaking your neck. He runs around quoting Nietzsche and has a great mind, but at the same time is very physical.

I felt great about it. You have to find ways to relate to the characters you get to play. Put it in terms and in a context that speaks to you. Whether it’s killing someone or whatever he’s doing, find a way within you to tell the truth. I felt pretty comfortable playing Toll Road. I enjoyed his character and thought he was an interesting guy to play.

Couture also talks about his training and strategy for James Toney, shares his thoughts on Fedor losing, and says he would be all about a light heavyweight fight against Anderson Silva in the rest of the interview.

Stallone’s remarks about Couture start around the 4:10 mark.