A new women’s MMA reality show called the Ultimate Women Challenge is coming to NBC according to the show’s website. Bas Rutten and Joanna Krupa will host the show which features 16 female fighters including notables Julie Kedzie and Jessica Aquilar.

The Ultimate Women Challenge on NBC marks the ascent of the “fairer sex” in this emerging world of sport. In a reality elimination show format hosted by actress & model Joanna Krupa (“Dancing with the Stars”) and former MMA Heavyweight Champion Bas Rutten, sixteen women will be given the chance to take off their make-up and put on their gloves in a historic competition. These contestants will leave the security of their homes to board planes bound for an undisclosed location, and compete against the best and brightest the sport has to offer.

Their coaches will be top ranked and world-renowned fighters themselves who know what it takes to make it in the hard-hitting world of MMA. They will settle for nothing less than perfection as they train their fighters to compete against each other and go for the glory. But, along the way, each episode of the series will feature entertaining and informative challenges that organically fuse elements of MMA with educational take-away information all for the benefit of charity. Through these challenges and a fly-on-the-wall perspective of the contestants as they go about their daily lives together, favorites will emerge because of their heart and spirit, their hard work & respect for the sport, and their touching personal stories. When the final bell rings, viewers will have plenty to root for as all of the women of Ultimate Women Challenge live together, train together, and compete together for the ultimate prize – a chance to reign supreme and take home the title of Ultimate Women Challenge Champion.

Sounds like a female version of TUF. It’s not clear when the show starts airing and in what time slots, but I wouldn’t expect to see it anywhere near NBC’s weekly primetime line-up.

HT: CagePotato