If you happen to be one of the individuals who recently uploaded live streams of UFC pay-per-views on Justin.tv or UStream.tv, you should know the UFC is looking for you. Earlier today, the UFC announced they served both live streaming video websites with subpoenas requesting the identities of the pirates.

Zuffa, LLC, (“Zuffa”), the parent company of the Ultimate Fighting Championship® (UFC®), announced today that it has served subpoenas on two streaming video websites, commanding them to reveal the identities of users who have uploaded video of live Pay-Per-View UFC events.

For example, on January 2, 2010, over 36,000 people watched a live streaming feed of the UFC 108 Pay-Per-View event that was uploaded from a single IP address. Less than two months later, on February 21, 2010, that same IP address was used to upload multiple live streaming feeds of the UFC 110 Pay-Per-View event, which was watched by over 78,000 non-paying users. This piracy represents a significant loss of revenue to UFC and their mobile, online, cable and satellite distribution partners each year.

Zuffa claims they’re entitled to this information under §512(h) of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and once Justin.tv and Ustream hand over the identities, they intend to prosecute them just like they did with the other 500+ pirates they already settled with.

Despite their questionable approach, Dana White made it clear they have no intention of backing down on their war against piracy.

“I can’t wait to go after the thieves that are stealing our content,” said White.  “This is a fight we will not lose.”