“The style of the new generation, I train young guys too, it’s what I have to look out for. You know, these young, talented, quick, tall guys… the old timers have to keep up with it… I’ve watched his fights and tried to find holes in his game. But it’s very hard, because he’s very unpredictable. He doesn’t have a particular style where he is consistently doing certain things. There are a few things he does, but he changes from left-hand stance to right-hand stance and just does some crazy stuff. But I think in order to win, I have to keep him backing up, keep the pressure on… It can go both ways. He can say he hasn’t lost a fight. He’s all hyped up right now. He’s a favorite; I’m the underdog, but I like to be the underdog. It puts a lot of pressure on me as far as public opinion and stuff. I don’t think he’s fought against top guys yet. It puts a lot of pressure going against top guys when you haven’t lost yet. I think it’s going to be the downfall for him.”

—Vladimir Matyushenko talking to MMA Weekly about his opponent, Jon Jones, for this weekend’s UFC on Versus 2 card

Anyone taking Matyushenko Sunday night? He may be a +400 underdog, but he is 11-1 in the past five years. His only loss was to Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, but he wasn’t exactly 100% in that fight. No, as a matter of fact, he fought Lil’ Nog with “his groin muscle torn clean off the pubic bone.” Ouch. There’s no denying he’s tough, and even if he doesn’t win, he won’t go away easy for Jones.

Here’s a clip of “The Janitor” talking to Karyn Bryant of MMA Heat about the fight during one his final strength & conditioning workouts.

Image via ESPN.com