If you hit a woman in public, chances are everyone there is going to let you know what a scumbag you are. If you hit a woman in front of Roger Huerta, chances are you’re not only going to hear about what a scumbag you are, you’re also going to get your head stomped into the cold hard pavement.

Check it out, there’s this scuffle outside some bar in Austin last weekend, and out of nowhere, some dirtbag coldcocks an unexpecting girl. Yeah, well unfortunately for him, Roger Huerta of all people is there to witness it and didn’t like what he saw, at all. Next thing you know, the dude is laid out getting head-stomped PRIDE-style by Mr. Huerta. Brutal. Here’s CagePotato’s play-by-play of the poorly shot video.

0:04: The sucker punch in question. Watch as the perp just strolls away like a total bitch.

0:16: Former UFC lightweight contender Roger Huerta comes by. He’s not happy with what he’s just witnessed, and wants to regulate.

0:37-0:45: When it looks like it’s go time, a well-meaning companion starts screaming “Roger!” and tries to restrain the MMA star, who’s now shirtless. The buddy gets shucked off. Another shirtless man tries to jump in, and the sucker-puncher runs away, again, like a total bitch.

0:48-1:00: Chaos ensues. A couple people nearly get run over in the street.

1:02: When the camera spots Roger again, the sucker-puncher is already laid out on the ground. Roger stomps his head, then disappears into the night.

1:19-2:01: Efforts are made to revive the sucker puncher while some johnny-come-lately tough guy starts screaming at him to get up. (It’s all good, bro, Roger already handled it.) The cameraman and his buddy try to make sense of the scene.

2:15: The sucker-puncher is dragged to his feet. Just another night in Austin.

Dude picked the wrong night to hit a girl. So far, no arrests have been made. Huerta’s manager hasn’t talked to Roger yet, but said “it’s in his nature to be very protective of women.”

Update: Roger Huerta’s former boss, Dana White, tells TMZ he doesn’t condone street fighting, but says “good for Roger” for knocking the guy out.

Dana tells TMZ, “In no way do I condone street fighting, but when a guy puts his hands on a woman he deserves to be knocked the f*ck out. Good for Roger.”

Joe Rogan also approves.