All proceeds from Forrest Griffin’s new book “Be Ready When The Sh*t Goes Down – A Survival Guide To The Apocalypse” will be donated to charity according to Forrest Griffin himself.

Even if they get nothing out of it, I hold myself free from harm, because I donated every penny that I make from this book to charity. I didn’t keep any money from the book at all to help you survive the apocalypse. That’s how much I care about you the reader… There’s a couple of different [charities]: Fisher House, Three Square, a food bank in Las Vegas, our church, and then a couple more personal ones. The guy Bigger John, in the book, he passed away, and he’s got a five-year-old son, and he’s got a trust set up, so some of it’s for that as well. I kept no money from the book. It didn’t go to charities like the “Forrest Griffin Needs a New Car Foundation.”

As evidenced by his appearance on Fox & Friends above, Forrest is currently in NYC doing a press tour for the book which released earlier this week.