After everyone was done applauding Roger Huerta yesterday for serving some sweet street justice outside an Austin nightclub last weekend, some people started to question if it was actually Roger Huerta who curb-stomped the woman-beating dirtbag. The video wasn’t exactly shot by a pro after all. Well, if it wasn’t him, Huerta isn’t denying it. TMZ spoke to Huerta earlier today, and he basically said it was out of self-defense, but yeah, he gave him what he had coming.

In a phone conversation just moments ago, Huerta told us he tried to remain calm early Saturday morning when he watched some random “huge guy” punch a girl in the head in the middle of the street … explaining, “I just don’t think that it’s right to hit a woman. Period.”

Huerta tells us, “I approached the man calmly and said, “Do you know what you just did? You just knocked out this girl.”

But Huerta claims the other guy responded, “F*ck you, f*ck these bitches, I’ll knock out any f*ckin’ bitch that I wanna f*ckin’ knock out, I’ll knock your f*cking bitch ass out.”

Huerta added, “… and as he’s saying this, he’s taking off his shirt … and at that point I was like, alright.'”

Huerta insists that he didn’t throw the first punch — and only reacted when the other guy “started swinging at me” … and we all know what happened next.

“I got the better of him and I left,” Huerta said.

The 27-year-old explained, “If that was my mom, if that was my sister, my spouse, anyone … I would’ve wanted someone to step in and do something about it.”

I suppose it’s possible Huerta laid the guy out, walked away and someone else came along and dropped the boot on the guy’s face, but really, does it matter who did the head-stomping? Either way, the scumbag learned his lesson and justice was served.

Not surprisingly, the Austin Police Department has opened an investigation into the incident after seeing the tape, but have yet to identify the woman or the man who hit her. Also, Bellator has confirmed they will not punish Huerta in any way for the incident.