While M-1 Global continues to negotiate Fedor Emelianenko’s next fight with Strikeforce, it appears Fedor is keeping himself busy doing seminars. He held one yesterday at Zealous Nation MMA in New Jersey. One of the participants filmed Fedor’s rather unique warm-up routine. Betcha ya didn’t know the most important parts of the body to warm up are the nose and ears? Yeah, and if you think smashing your ears with a hammer turns you into Billy Badass (wtf, who does that?), think again. Breaking your ears on purpose to look tough doesn’t make you tough says the former (?) baddest man on the planet.

Later on, Fedor told one interviewer he’d love to fight Brock Lesnar. He sees holes in Brock’s game, but respects him and admits he has a ton of heart.

I’d love to fight him, I respect him a lot. Even though there are some holes in his techniques and certain things, overall the guy has tremendous heart, tremendous knowledge and enormous drive. And that’s what I respect a lot and would love to fight the guy.

HT: ZealousNation.com, Cage Today, URDirt.com