As everyone collectively praised Roger Huerta last week for defending some woman’s honor in the streets of Austin, Texas, I never really stopped to consider who’s face Huerta (allegedly) smashed. Well, if this report from Sports By Brooks is accurate, it turns out it was someone notable, and not just some random thug off the street. Their sources say it was former University of Texas starting linebacker Rashad Bobino.

While the identity of the man who struck the woman has not officially been released by the Austin Police Department, I’ve learned from multiple sources who threw the punch. Former starting Univ. of Texas Linebacker Rashad Bobino, who last played for the Longhorns in 2008, was the individual who punched the unidentified woman from behind as seen in the video.

Bobino is now out of football after being cut by the Atlanta Falcons before the 2009 NFL season.

In other words, lightweight Roger Huerta crushed a former 230 lbs. D-1 linebacker. Wonder if he’s ever been hit that hard on the football field?