Quebec has finally gotten around to punishing Paul Daley for hitting Josh Koscheck with a cheap shot immediately following the conclusion of their bout at UFC 113. According to Sherdog, the RAJC has served Daley with a 30-day suspension.

Former UFC welterweight Paul Daley has been suspended for 30 days for punching Josh Koscheck following the final bell of their UFC 115 contender’s bout on May 8 in Montreal, according to Collette Lepianay, information agent for the Governing Body of Alcohol, Races and Games of Quebec (RACJ), which oversees combat sports in the province.

Daley’s disciplinary action was handed down at a meeting held by the regulatory agency on Tuesday, said Lepianay. According to Lepianay, Daley did not attend the meeting, as he’d agreed to the suspension and wasn’t going to contest it.

Lepianay couldn’t confirm if the 30-day suspension would be retroactive or if it would commence on Tuesday.

Jason “Mayhem” Miller and the Cesar Gracie clan received 90-day suspensions and $5,000 fines for their post-fight brawl on CBS. In comparison, a 30-day suspension seems more like a slap on the wrist than a serious punishment. But still, regardless of what penalty the RAJC imposed on Daley, the real price Daley paid was the lifetime UFC ban handed down from UFC president Dana White.

Funny enough, Daley’s opponent for Shark Fights 13 was also announced today. He’s scheduled to take on Jorge Masvidal. The card is 33 days out so it doesn’t seem like Daley will have any trouble with the suspension but that’s yet to be confirmed with the Texas athletic commission.