While on his “Be Ready When The Sh*t Goes Down” book tour, Forrest Griffin was asked a couple times about potentially fighting Jon Jones later this year. In neither instance did he sound particularly crazy about the idea. Said Forrest:

“He looks pretty fast, like he’s long and lengthy. And his brothers are like really good at football. So I’m thinking he’s an athlete. That’s going to be a problem…”

“I’ll fight again before the end of the year. (Against Jon Jones?) I hope not.”

Of course with Forrest, it often difficult to tell when he’s joking and when he’s being serious, but considering there’s some similarities in Jones and Anderson Silva, he just might be serious this time.

Speaking of Anderson, it seems enough time has gone by for Forrest to start making jokes about his loss to Silva and subsequent running man exit.

HT: MMADieHards via BE