Despite the fact that King Mo continues to claim James Toney submitted him with a standing guillotine during a training session, Randy Couture isn’t buying it, nor does he really care because he knows all the talk and rumors don’t mean anything once the cage door closes on Aug. 28.

“Nah, I don’t believe that,” Couture chuckled. “He’s probably doing some wrestling with Mo Lawal. That wouldn’t surprise me. I know he’s not training with Dean Lister. Dean called me himself when that one broke and said, ‘I’m not training with that guy. Don’t believe that stuff.’ But it doesn’t matter. All the talk is just talk. No matter who he can get to say he’s tapped them out in training, on the day he’s still going to walk down to the cage and get in there with me and that’s when all that stuff stops.”

Video via MMA Heat