Watching this interview with Aaron Tru, I get the sense Vitor Belfort wasn’t too happy with how the Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen fight played out. Even though Anderson won, Sonnen performed well enough to make UFC officials at least consider an immediate rematch in lieu of a Silva-Belfort title fight, plus Anderson could be out of commission until March anyways. Despite all that, Vitor says he fights for his fans and if the UFC wants him to fight in the meantime, he’s all for it. He wants to fight as soon as possible and doesn’t want to wait for Anderson Silva to recover from his cracked rib.

One other thing, Vitor says Silva’s manager, Ed Soares, is a “clown” (keep in mind Vitor’s English isn’t the best, perhaps he doesn’t realize how insulting that is), and Anderson should have a translator who translates exactly what Anderson says.

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