James Toney’s boxing promoter, Dan Goossen, doesn’t seem to have any more faith in James Toney beating Randy Couture at UFC 118 than Mike Tyson, Bernard Hopkins or David Haye. In this interview with FightHubTV, Goossen says he respects Toney for having the guts to fight Randy Couture in Randy’s sport, but concedes that it’s a longshot if Toney isn’t able to put Couture away early. According to Goossen, in order it to truly be “MMA vs. Boxing,” Couture also needs to step in a boxing ring with James Toney later this fall, and he’s willing to put his money where his mouth is.

There’s nothing that this will prove if James loses, because it’s a whole different sport. On the other hand, I’ll go on the record right now that win, lose or draw with Randy Couture, I’ll match what he’s making for this fight. Lets see if he has the same warrior makeup that James Toney has to be able to cross over to the boxing business, and in the next immediate fight, fight James Toney in a boxing ring… I got a lot of respect for Randy, by no means is it disrespect, but what James Toney is doing is what I believe very few fighters in either sport would be willing to do. We’ll find out after August 28, win or lose, Randy Couture, I’ll match what you’re getting for this fight, you come over and you do what James Toney has done. That is take up the challenge in your sport. Now I say you come out and take up the challenge in James’ sport. Then, once that happens, we can all sit back there and say both sports have some real warriors, but right now I only see James Toney doing it.

In related news, ESPN UK says James Toney will enter the Octagon on Aug. 28 weighing 290 lbs. which has to be a typo, right?