Elie Seckbach of Fanhouse.com brings us an inside look at James Toney’s UFC 118 training camp.

Big props to Nick Thomas at BE for transcribing some of James Toney’s quotes:

“(Randy Couture) You dead. He tries to look tough in the poster. That’s hilarious. He isn’t no damn tough guy. What’s that movie he’s in? The Expendables. He’s expendable alright. August 28th, he’s going to be very expendable.”

“(Kimbo Slice) Isn’t worth my time. I didn’t call him out; they tried to put him with me. It’s like me slapping a kid in kindergarten. I wanted to fight the best right away. I wanted to fight Brock Lesnar but he was sick and tired.”

“In MMA if you have 28 fights, you’re in the hall of fame. That’s bullsh*t. In boxing, Randy Couture would be a bum.”

“We’ve been training hard; we’ve been at this for 9 months now. I’m coming to MMA. You were all scared to come to my sport. So I got to tear off the real gloves, come to the little girly gloves and come to your sport. I’m going to show you I can beat you at your own game. My thing is to show the world that boxing is the number one discipline.”