All signature fighter t-shirts are not created equal. You have your typical fighter walkout t-shirts from brands like Affliction, Silver Star and Dethrone with skulls, crossbones, chains, etc. and then you have this… Twistd Apparel’s signature James Toney shirt featuring a picture of Toney on the front and a Toney-inspired message on the back.

As you may have noticed, Twistd Apparel used Toney’s horribly photoshopped promotional shot for the shirt, and looking at the glove I’m wondering if they even got Zuffa’s permission to use it. In the real shot, Toney’s wearing a UFC glove whereas on the shirt its been blacked out and replaced with “MMA.” Better get yours before the Zuffa legal sharks start circling.

Below, James Toney calls Joe Rogan and Jay Glazer a couple of “clowns” in an interview with FIGHT! Magazine.