At a stop on Forrest Griffin’s book tour, we got the sense that Forrest isn’t particularly crazy about fighting Jon Jones. In an appearance on the Jason Ellis show, Forrest pretty much confirmed it. Audio NSFW, transcription via BE:

“I hope I am not fighting Jon “Bones” Jones. I might be. F*ck it; if I am, I am. I will do it, but I am not even training right now. That is a bad dude. That dude will whoop my ass. F*ck it. What is the worst, I mean, it could not be worse than Anderson Silva. It should not be worse than that, right? Every fight I go into, no matter what happens, it could not be worse than Anderson Silva.”

“Because that sh*t was a year ago and literally every day people ask me something about that – What happened? What happened?”

“[Anderson punched me in the chin] Repeatedly and I was very confused. I tried to punch him and he literally moved his head out of the way and looked at me like I was stupid for doing it. He looked at me like – “Why would you do such a stupid thing?” He looked at me like – “Oh, did you really think you were going to hit me? What a stupid thing to think, you slow slow white boy.” Then he punched me. I felt embarrassed for even trying to punch him.”

If you can’t listen to the audio for whatever reason, Forrest is basically laughing his ass off the whole time, so yeah, at least he’s laughing about it now.