A few quick post-fight notes from WEC 50…

—Opinions have varied on the scoring of the WEC 50 main event. Some felt Dominick Cruz won every round, others thought it was close, and some even thought Benavidez did enough to win. Count Dominick Cruz in the first category.

“In my humble opinion, I thought I won all the rounds,” Cruz told MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com) following the fight. “I thought I won it pretty unanimously. That’s all I can say. I thought I won it.”

“I’m a little disappointed I didn’t the finish,” Cruz said. “I was really looking for it. I landed a lot of shots that I felt like should have finished him, but he’s tough. You’ve got to give it to him.

“All these guys that I get in there with, they’re tough. The 135-pound division is stacked. We’ve got some of the best fighters in the world, and none of them are going to go down easy.”

—FightMetric agreed with Cruz. According to their calculations, Dominick Cruz should have won every round to win the fight 50-45.

— Chad Mendes dominated Cub Swanson with his wrestling, prompting some to label him a future contender to Jose Aldo’s crown. Mendes isn’t buying into the hype. He feels he’s still learning, but ultimately, fighting for the title is his goal.

“The gameplan was to definitely get on top of him and frustrate him, and I think that’s what we did,” Mendes told MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com). “But I’m still young in this sport. I’ve still got so much to learn, and I’m learning every day.

“The ground and pound and submissions and striking, it’s still coming. Luckily, I have such a strong wrestling base that I can beat guys of Cub’s caliber with still having a lot to learn. I’m thankful for that.”

“Ultimately, the goal is to fight Jose Aldo or whoever has the belt,” Mendes said. “He’s the guy that has it right now, and that’s what I’m going to the gym every day and training for. Of course I think about it. I watch him fight, and I picture myself in there going through situations and stuff.

“We watched a guy like Chael Sonnen fight a guy like Anderson Silva, and everybody expected it to be different. I think going in there and using my wrestling and just grinding on somebody with such great standup like that could be effective.”

— After his knockout win over Zach Micklewright, Bart Palaszewski thinks he’s a win or two away from a title shot.

“I think I’ve kind of climbed the mountain,” Palaszewski said. “I think I’m another fight or two away from a title shot, hopefully.

“It was a tough fight tonight, but I finished it. I’ve got three in a row now. Hopefully another win or two and I’ll get the title shot.”

“Doesn’t matter really to me,” Palaszewski said. “Whoever is going to get me the title shot, that’s who I want to go after. Whoever that is, let me know so we can go do it up.”

— The results of the AMP Energy “Hometown Takedown” contest were announced during last night’s broadcast. The WEC will head to the Jobing.com Arena in Glendale, Arizona on Dec. 16 for WEC 54. Nothing is set in stone, but lightweight champion Ben Henderson will likely headline the card. After his incredible performance last night, Anthony Pettis appears to be the frontrunner for the next title shot, however Jamie Varner is an Arizona native and could slip past Pettis depending on how his upcoming grudge match with Donald Cerrone turns out at WEC 51.

WEC 50 post-fight press conference highlights courtesy of Heavy.com