“James is going to be dangerous, especially early in the fight. He’s got an interesting boxing style. He’s explosive. He’s got good hands. I’ve got to be very attentive, especially early on, and set him up and be diligent and not let him draw me into those kinds of exchanges. I think that makes for an interesting fight… If he stands in that more traditional boxing stance where he can really take advantage of the mechanics of throwing that kind of punch, first of all, he’s going to be vulnerable to a lot of things. Second of all, I don’t know if you’ve seen his hands, but he’s very sleight. He’s got very, very small hands. He started out at 160-something pounds in boxing. He’s not a great big guy with big bones like a Brock Lesnar throwing canned hams at your ass. It’s not going to happen. I also think he has to be aware that if he starts to unleash with those four-ounce gloves, its not as much protection as he’s used to… I think with the solid barrier I can be effective from [clinch] range. I don’t think James has had anybody hang on him or attach themselves the way a wrestler – especially a Greco-Roman wrestler – will. I’m certainly prepared to deal with him in that range… There’s things I need to be aware of, and he’s a good inside fighter – and most boxers are. I still need to be aware there. I need to make sure it’s wrestling and not be as loose. I’ve kind of adapted my wrestling to create opportunities to strikes and create spaces in there to hit. That’s not really the game with James. I don’t want to get too carried away with James until I get him on his back. Then it’s on… I would love to choke the hell out of him. Absolutely. I think that’s a big piece of mixed martial arts and certainly a big piece of the game I’ve been working on. I think he’s going to make some mistakes and give me some positions to make that a possibility.”

—Randy Couture, via MMA Junkie, breaking down his fight against James Toney this weekend at UFC 118

You guy have been making predictions across several posts on this site and others for months now. From what I’ve gathered MMA fans think Couture will take Toney down and smash him while boxing fans say Toney will knock Couture’s head off. What I’m curious to know is if there are any MMA fans picking Toney or boxing fans picking Couture? And willing to admit it?

Image via Heavy.com