“I’ve always been the same person, UFC ain’t done [expletive] to me except put more money in my pocket. Bring me down or tear me up, the UFC was what it was; the opportunity to make some money and feed my family. That’s what it was. I’ve always been humble and I’ll still be that way. They [didn’t] make or break me… Fighting is just something I love to do whether it’s MMA or boxing. I tried MMA, but now I’m back to what my first love was… This training is different. I’m being broken down to be rebuilt again. I’m taking everything one day at a time, one step at a time, one punch at a time…I’m just here. Line me up with whoever. Bring the best.”

—Kimbo Slice on MMA Fighting’s The MMA Hour talking about his transition to boxing

It’s funny Kimbo mentions he’ll fight whoever because one prominent boxer you’ll probably recognize, James Toney, has already called him out.

“I heard Gary Shaw was talking shit about me… Tell Gary Shaw I’m down to fight Danny Green or welcome Kimbo to boxing… It would have been like taking candy from a baby for me to fight him [Kimbo Slice] with 4 ounce gloves on. But now, since his promoter wants to talk shit about me, I will gladly welcome him into boxing. I fought a MMA legend in my first MMA bout, so now he can fight a legend in his first pro boxing bout.”

Word was Kimbo was offered to fight Toney in the UFC, but turned it down. If Kimbo’s willing to fight “whoever” or “the best” in boxing though, does that mean he’ll be willing to step inside a boxing ring with James Toney?

Image via Esther Lin for ProElite.com

Update: Kimbo Slice denies he ever turned down a fight against James Toney in the UFC, and seems to be open to fighting him in a boxing ring.

“I never heard anything about me fighting James Toney, but you know, like I said, again, I’ll fight anybody, man. C’mon, everybody knows that about me from my street-fighting days. Put anybody in front of me, train me to be the best, I’ll fight the best. That’s one thing about Kimbo Slice that everybody knows.”