“I already got one up on Nick. I beat the crap out of the guy. He’s had a good run, and there’s a lot of build-up for this rematch. We’ve both improved, this is a different weight class now, he’s gotten better, I’ve gotten better…it’s a different situation. But at the end of the day, I’m a true mixed martial artist, I have respect for the sport, and I am a good role model… Nick’s good for entertainment, but I come from a family of fighters. I started early, and I have respect for martial arts. It teaches you discipline, how to become a good person, and I feel that I am. On October 9th, I’m fighting a guy that, if I had a kid, I wouldn’t want him looking up to. He’s a trash-talking, pot-smoking chump… This is beyond a grudge match. I’m going to light him up like a Christmas tree. He’s going to have to kill me to lose. It’s very personal.”

—KJ Noons taking his first shot at Nick Diaz since their rematch was signed

I’m not sure how much bad blood still exists between KJ Noons and Nick Diaz at this point, but I’d much rather hear cheesy lines like “light him up like a Christmas tree” and “he’ll have to kill me to lose” than lines like “they promote him more, they pay him more, so I’m not giving him a rematch.” At least the fight is finally happening. If a legitimate beef between Noons and Diaz reemerges then that’s just an added bonus.

Image via Esther Lin for Strikeforce/Showtime