“There’s absolutely going to be a sequel. Part two is tentatively scheduled for New Year’s weekend, it may take place Super Bowl weekend. Either way, it will be in Vegas. Last time I defeated the myth, this time I’m gonna defeat the man…. The only thing [that’s going to be] different is that I’m leaving there with the belt. That’s it. We were one minute away from pulling it off. Look, if I had beat him, I would have had to come back and beat him again anyways. So nothing in my career has changed. I was the best fighter before the fight, I’m the best fighter after it…. We’re not here to get along. I’m not here to be number two. It’s number one or let’s move on, and I think that’s the way it’s supposed to be.”

—Chael Sonnen on ESPN MMA Live, via MMA Mania, confirming his rematch against Anderson Silva will happen on New Year’s or Super Bowl Weekend

And so it begins…

If Chael Sonnen’s info is accurate Silva-Sonnen 2 will either go down at UFC 125 on Jan. 1 or UFC 126 or 127 on Feb. 5. Both events are expected to take place in Las Vegas.

Image via Esther Lin for MMA Fighting