“I think Crocop is still the same individual we saw in PRIDE. I think a lot of guys have seen enough tape on him to know that if you walk away from him or stand there in front of him you could be in for a dangerous night because he still has the same leg he always had. He has a lot of speed and quickness… Mirko is very good on his feet; I’m not bad on my feet either. Add in the wrestling that I have been working on, the jiu jitsu aspect, he has many more things to worry about. Once that cage door shuts every advantage is mine… I don’t see anywhere I don’t feel comfortable with CroCop – I can beat him in more ways than he can beat me.”

—Frank Mir in a pre-fight interview on UFC.com, transcribed via Fighters Only, talking about his upcoming fight against Mirko “Cro Cop” at UFC 119

Frank Mir sounds especially confident heading into this fight, whereas Cro Cop started making excuses the moment the fight was announced. As much as I question whether Mir can hang with Mirko on the feet, I wouldn’t run out and bet the house on Cro Cop if I were you. Mir’s right about one thing. The deck is definitely stacked in his favor.

Image via Sherdog