“Somehow I knew I’d get back in, at least I hoped I would. What Dana said was in the heat of the moment. He felt we were friends and that I’d backstabbed him. Thank God he changed his mind… He told me to get a fight under my belt. He told me to get my life back on track and that’s what I did… My issues had to do with my anxiety problems and panic attacks. Painkillers were thrown out there, but that wasn’t it. People made these accusations because I’d been popped for medication (months before). I’d taken two pain pills the morning of my fight for a torn hamstring and didn’t think much of it… Every fighter I know takes pain medication like it’s M&Ms. I was the unlucky one who only took it the day of the fight without even thinking about it… I spoke to a psychologist and he pointed out that I’ve been fighting since I was 14 years old and that I had this balloon filling in my stomach with all my fight anxiety over the years. That’s what I’ve been addressing and working on… I think the UFC knows I still have something I can accomplish in the cage. They know that I can become a contender again and I will.”

—Karo Parisyan talking to Sherdog about his second chance in the UFC

Karo Parisyan is expected to face Dennis Hallman on Nov. 20 at UFC 123 in Auburn Hills, Michigan. It will be his first fight on a new three-fight UFC contract.

Image via CombatLifestyle.com