James Toney always said there weren’t any mixed martial artists willing to box him. And while technically he was right — it’s not like there was any reason for someone to seek out a boxing match with Toney — he’s not anymore. Vitor Belfort wants to get in a boxing ring with Toney, and he recently took to Twitter to ask Dana White for permission.

Dana let me fight James Toney in a six round boxing match. I think I can catch him with my speed. Dana, it will be the first boxing match in the UFC. I promise he will feel my power and we will show the world the a UFC fighter can do better.

I’d say there’s about a zero to zilch chance of Dana White letting Vitor box Toney, but if he did, does anyone think Vitor Belfort’s notorious fast hands would be enough to beat a boxing legend like James Toney at his own game?

Image via va-sport.com

Update: For what it’s worth, James Toney has already accepted Vitor Belfort’s challenge.

“Tell Vitor Belfort let’s make it happen. I like that because he ain’t no scared little bitch. He wants to come to my world and I’m more than willing to welcome him into my world.”