“Being loved or hated, ya know what? It’s about making money for me. So if I’ve got to be the bad guy to make money, then I’ll be the bad guy to make money… It’s never bugged me, from day one. I know who I am as a person. I know the people around me know me. I’m not here to make friends – I’m here to make money. I have enough friends. The people around me care about me and love me, and it’s the same relationship back. I’m not trying to make friends here. I’m here to make money. It’s a business… I honestly don’t care where we fight, really. I’ll fight wherever. So it looks like I’m going back to Montreal. Me and Montreal – the fans there – have a wonderful relationship. And I’m excited about the opportunity to become the next welterweight champion. … I’m gonna have fun with it regardless, whether it was in Pittsburgh, Vegas or Montreal. I don’t really care.”

—Josh Koscheck on The MMA Hour explaining why he paints himself as the villain

Josh Koscheck has always been one of those guys that fans love to hate. But when he openly admits his bad attitude is all an act for monetary gain, does that make fans hate him more or just lose interest?